Our Services
IT Services... Done right
  1. Smooth IT Systems
    We work to free you up from day-to-day tasks. We keep your business running smoothly and leverage technology to increase company productivity.
    We can take care of all the routine tasks to optimize your IT environment. This frees up your time and makes sure your business run smoothly. Let us: - Ensure all your virus definitions up to date - Regular reviews of system logs and reports - Conduct regular patching (security) across your servers and workstations.
  2. Plan B = Backup
    Backup and Disaster Recovery: Protect your business in case of a disaster. Our backup solutions ensure your data is instantly available rain, hail or shine!
    We know that your data is crucial to every business. That’s why we treat it like it’s our own. Take comfort, knowing we give you a full range of backup and recovery solutions so you’ll never lose a thing: - Simple tape backups to full server replication to the Cloud performed daily, weekly or monthly, ensuring you’ll back up and running in no time - Management to suit any Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan compliance needs.
  3. Cloud Computing
    Take full advantage of the cloud. Our cloud solutions can be tailored exactly to your business requirements.
    Hybrid Cloud: Keep your existing infrastructure and access the Cloud for unlimited flexibility. You will have complete control, access and visibility to manage your resources and servers on=demand. Private Cloud: Replace expensive and high maintenance on-premise infrastructure by leveraging cloud technology. Software-as-a-Service: Cost-effective way to access the software you need. Hosted in the Cloud & monitored 24/7, automatically update to the latest versions
  4. Advanced Procurement
    We offer a flexible and easy way to order all your hardware and software licensing needs at the best prices in the market.
    Specter Systems is partners with all the major IT vendors to provide an ever expanding suite of products and peripherals for easy procurement.
SPECTER = Smooth IT Operators